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We were one of the first few companies to launch an internet fax service almost a decade ago. We have moved leaps and bounds with the growing technology since then. Our focus is to be able to provide the convenience of using the internet to send messages, documents and other important information to everyone. We can proudly say that we are the largest provider of internet faxing services amongst many other services.

We can attribute our success to three key areas which are

A huge selection of numbers that are available for people to choose from for their faxing requirements. We are present in close to 4000 cities across the world and continue to work on increasing that number.

Our faxing and voicemail facilities are the best and easiest to work with. We have kept our working very simple so it is easy for everyone to be able to use the facility.
Our networks are extremely reliable and secure. This we guarantee so that our customers can send important and confidential information with ease. Our e-fax networks are protected by our patented firewalls and security technologies.


With the advent of Smartphones, we have seen an increased demand for faxing services through the phones. We have constantly worked to ensure that you can do the same knowing that our service is secure and your information is private and completely confidential.  While we work to provide you these services at a better cost compared to our competition, we also aim to bring you some ground-breaking services through our innovations.

Our people are working constantly to keep the system updated with new technologies so that we can offer you the best services before you see it with any other service. We are constantly improving and innovating and promise to bring you technologies that will keep you connected no matter when or where. Our customer services are second to none. We have a well-trained and knowledgeable group of people who are there 24/7 to help you with your needs or your requirements.







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