7. Fax Services Through Smartphones


Fax: Fax is a short form of the word “facsimile” which is a mode of transferring images or documents from one source to another. It usually requires a telephone number that is connected to a printer. The document with images or words, is then telecopied or telefaxed from one number to the other. While Emails have changed the way, most do business, there is one area that has stood resilient and refuses to die a slow death and that is – Faxing

Faxing is still the best way to send or receive confidential documents in the business world. Correspondence in business and corporate worlds have undergone a sea change but faxing is still the best way to get contracts signed and approved. There are many reasons why using fax services is still preferred in many industries. The reasons are as follows: Many businesses still use a fax simply because their clients or customers communicate that way. It is the most reliable way to send or receive important documents.

These days as a modification, fax-over-internet-protocol systems offer security like no other and hence you can send faxes over email. For those concerned about excessive usage of paper, the FOIP option satisfies them completely. It offers the security of a fax while saving on valuable paper at the same time. Industries such as Banking, Law, Healthcare still heavily depend on paper trails and in these areas, faxes have an important place.

Smart Phones and Fax:

Just as was mentioned, to send a fax, you will need a phone number and the fax will be sent through the number. If you are trying to use your smartphone to do the same, it must be done through an app available for the phone or a third-party service that will do the faxing for you.

Since your phone is incapable of dialing up as a modem, it must be done through one of the options above. While these services are aplenty, you will find that none of these are free. These services will require to maintain phone lines to offer the service to you, plus they should interface with the telephone network to maintain the services. Initially, before you sign up you will be given a few free faxes but any beyond that will be charged. However, if you do not plan to send faxes very regularly, this is a much better option as compared to paying for the faxes or buying a faxing machine.


What will you need to be able to fax from your smart phone?

A smartphone or a tablet that is equipped with internet. This could be wi-fi or cellular data. Your phone does not necessarily have to be the current model but if the technology is the latest, you can make use of some cool features offered.

A subscription with a service. This could be online or through an app that you can download on your phone. Finally, your document to fax and that is it, you are good to go. There are several apps available on the smartphones that can fax your information for you. However, you should pay attention to the kind of apps you choose because most of the times the documents you tend to fax contain important personal information and it may be compromised. Here are a few options that you can consider before making that decision.

E-Fax: This is an app that can be downloaded from the play store and it allows you to use their service through a dedicated fax number provided to each person signing up. It is convenient to use, you can send files from your device storage, cloud storage, images or even email. You can use it from anywhere that you are travelling to or from. It has features to add electronic signatures and you can sign using your finger. Apart from this they also offer cool services to personalize your faxes and so on.

Fax-File: This app is also available on the play store. This send your documents through your phone itself. It sends a file or document that is stored on your phone to any fax number that you provide. It can send images in JPG or PNG formats as a fax as well. It happens instantaneously, so that you are aware of the fax status by the time you are done with the request.

I-Fax: In this app, you are provided with a number for incoming faxes as well. This app is also available on the play store and can be easily downloaded. It is completely integrated with the Dropbox and hence can be used conveniently to transfer documents. This app allows you to send secure and private documents since they are HIPAA- compliant and use enterprise-grade technology to fax your documents.






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